Original Theme For Creepy Horse Mask Costumes


Many of us plan and buy  the horse mask based Halloween costumes. A good number of designs are available online and there is nothing wrong with going for any one of the great pieces. But you also have to infuse some creativity into the costume or the mask. What if many of the guests have already seen the dress. You cannot take chances for important occasions. Conceptualizing an original theme is not so hard as it sounds. First select any one of the creepy horse masks that you can find in stores. Make sure that it is the best one among the lot. A good one should also be comfortable to wear.

The next step is to invest in some spray paint for fabrics. Cut out some hollow letters from thermocol coverings and make sure that inside of the letters is hollow. You will have to fill in some paint inside the letters. Cut out a catchy line from material and keep over the chest region of the dress. It is good if the writing comes just below the horse head. Now spray the paint inside the alphabets and let the message come to life. I had once printed a horror line on a blank white bed sheet. Still remember the pale white face of my roommate. Find some creepy one-liners and your custom dress is ready for the show.

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