Best Pranks With Horse Head Masks Are Extremely Satisfying


I admit that I am a pranky person! What does that mean? You know the obvious sense that I am talking about. This month is my chosen time to play out some of the best pranks using a horse head mask. Compared to other costumes this one gives you an easy chance of playing out some funny stuff without involving too much of creativity. Wear any eye catching tee and put on a neat fitting horse head. Think about the lines that you might want to utter and take no stress of failure. In case your acting skills are not up to the mark, the animal in question will scare the opponent for sure. I have seen it last year and expect the same results this time.

The only thing that I am worried about is that we are not allowed to bring horse masks inside the campus. I don’t know if the smell of latex worries the authorities or what but they are simply not ready to accept the funny stuff inside. Feel like scaring them too! But only after the classes and that too, outside the campus. Try out something in your area. You will get rid of the usual everyday boredom. In case you have some heavy witty ideas, please share them with me.


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